Like any other organ, feet should be protected, because it’s from the feet that could originate disorders and pathologies that affect the upper parts of the body.
Every foot has its own need. And for each need we created a line. Discover your own footwear.
To be up-to-date is important. We want to share with you all the news about prevention and treatment of foot pathologies and to inform you about our newest initiatives.
Important national newspapers and specialized magazines are one of the vehicle of our communication. In addition to this, there is the continuous effort we put directly in the shops with various methods.
From over 100 years we combine the art of doing something well with the Italian care for design and a real passion for research. This because beyond what our eyes and fashions ask for, we pay attention to what our feet want. Our lines and our foresight, that make our shoes both fine and comfortable, were born from this research.
Discover with us all the advantages of wearing HERGOS shoes.
The production is given to a highly qualified staff and ensures a care that only "MADE IN ITALY" can offer.
Dermocompatible materials, auto shaping upper and preset for orthotics go together with the utmost care for design that mark out all Sabatini Lines.